CodeIgniter Sample Application

About the Code Igniter Sample Application

I'm Derek Allard, an instructor and programmer in the Greater Toronto Area who just happens to love CodeIgniter. I'm the president of Dark Horse Consulting, and in the forums most people know me as "dallard" (although I now wish I had just created the user account "derek" since always reading people calling you "dallard" is a bit strange). I built BambooInvoice, one of the first publicly available CodeIgniter applications, and to my knowledge still the only one with downloadable code.

This application and video tutorial are not affiliated with CodeIgniter. I built it simply as a way to help expand interest in CodeIgniter, and experiment a little bit with screen casting.

How long did it take you to make this, and what did you do?

How long is hard to say actually. About an hour of fiddling around in Fireworks (my graphics editor of choice) to get the look. About a half hour to convert the thing to xhtml. Another hour to write the content, and approximately 3 hours to build the app. The screen cast part was a lot tougher though. Recording yourself is hard. I kept thinking, "do I really sound like that"?

In my test runs, I was also surprised by how often I wanted to sip on coffee or pause for dramatic effect - that doesn't translate well on screen. I spend around 15 hours a week public speaking (generally as a technical trainer, but I also do symposium and conference speaking), and recording yourself for the screen is a totally different animal. After this run, I have a brand new respect for the quality and craftsmanship of the original CodeIgniter videos.

I spent the better part of a day making this final recording. I'd like to shorten it down (a lot) but I couldn't think of any other good shortcuts to take without completely breaking up continuity.

Why didn't you do $this_thing?

I made reasonable efforts to duplicate what I would do in a "real world" environment (particularly unobtrusive javascript behaviour), but for the sake of keeping the video to a reasonable time I chose to skip over some of the finer details that I might do in a production quality application. There are some short-comings:

But that said, the point of the tutorial was to show integration with a Javascript library, and some of the more intermediate/advanced topics of CodeIgniter.

Why prototype and scriptaculous?

They are what Rails uses out of the box, and what many users are comfortable with. That said, it really boils down to personal preference. The Yahoo tools are great, jQuery is excellent, moo.fx is noteworthy, as is rico. I'm sure I'm missing a bunch, but really it was just a personal decision.


There might be some. I messed up royally at least twice, and needed to stop and "refilm" a portion. Originally the whole video was 15 minutes long (that was my goal) but then I realized that I completely glossed over some really important points, so parts of it are disjointed or rushed.

Oh yeah, and I said I was going to show caching, but never did. It is actually in the source code though.

Can I use your code in my own work?

Sure. All the code you see laying about here is yours to use provided you abide by the CodeIgniter license agreement. As for the look/graphics of the site... they are pretty simple, so kindly take the time to make your own page and don't rip off mine.

Was that a Simpsons joke you made in the middle of the video?

Abso-diddlly-lutely. It was from King Size Homer. Nope... I took it out on a revision. ("Boy, all this computer hacking is making me thirsty. I think I'll order a "Tab" Oh, no time for that now, the computer is starting!")

Can I get involved?

YES! Spend some time in the CodeIgniter community and "give back". Even if you are a relative newcomer, you can get on the forums and answer problems you do have so that more advanced users can tackle the particularly sticky issues.

Where can I learn about... (in no particular order)


Unobtrusive Javascript

Other cool stuff